My books (German only) are based on my personal view and experience from the different chapters of my life, like for example the time I spent in Brazil. They are rather autobiographical, but can perhaps also serve as a guide or advise for some people. More information about my books can be found on my authors page (German only).


Book - Grenzenlos
September 2007
2nd Edition August 2019
ISBN 978-1687496058
Paperback or eBook

“Grenzenlos” is somewhat my autobiography as a former manager in a large corporation. However, it may also contain valuable hints for other managers. Primarily, I wanted to describe my personal experiences with other cultures, which I made in about 14 years. Beginning of the 1990s I was practically on my own, traveling countries in Central and South-East Europe and opening a local branch office for our company in Budapest. Later, my experiences in Russia and other former Soviet states left lasting impressions. I was even able to make an emotional excursion into my own family history during that time. In 2000 and 2001 I traveled the Middle East and some African countries, before I took over responsibility for the countries of the European Union. I completed my story with impressions from China, Taiwan and Guatemala. Since I was employed in a US company, I also needed to add my personal view of the Americans.

“Jenseits von Samba und Karneval”

Books - Jenseits von Samba und Karneval
November 2019
ISBN 978-1697753974
Paperback oder eBook

“Jenseits von Samba und Karneval” is my very personal view on Brazil. This view was mainly shaped by my experiences from ten years of living and working in Natal at the northeast coast. Therefore, the book is to a large extent a very critical view on the largest South American country and its society. However, hopefully at some point it can also convey the fascination of this country and its people. I tried to outline in particular the economic, political and social challenges of Brazil, which I got confronted with on a daily basis. For instance, corruption on all levels of the society, the ailing health and education system and, last but not least, the daily violence on the streets, which in the end was one of the reasons for my return to Germany.